The Backend Boss Audit 

Simply wanting or needing a Virtual Assistant isn't enough! There are a variety of indicators as to whether or not you and your business are actually READY to hire one.

Step 2: Complete the "backend Boss audit" [ 1 hour to complete ] 

STEP 3: 90 - MINUTE LIVE Zoom session where we discuss readiness, expectations, Preparedness + Next steps 

The Price - $399

Who's the backend boss in your business? It's you huh? You might be here because: 

X You have no idea where to begin in successfully sourcing, hiring + on-boarding a VA

X You have no idea what the hell a Virtual Assistant is or can do 

X You are drowning in the details 

X You've lost excitement in running your business due to the constant "in the weeds" work

X You can't scale without some support and have heard Virtual Assistants are a great place to start

Sound familiar? If so, you've come to the right place! 

Hiring a Virtual Assistant is a big step! Yet, it's not one I find many business owners regret; especially when its done well and at the right time. 

So where to get started: 

Step 1: schedule a 15-minute call

STEP 4: bonus round - I'll deliver my Taste tested Trello board template so you can on-board your va like a boss

Let's do the damn thing!